Prof. George Owiti Oting'a E Publications
12012Effects Of Management‟s Practices And Economic Stimulus Program On Fish Production In Mwea Division Of Kirinyaga County.
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22005Ultrastructure Of The Chorioallantoic Placenta And Chorionic Vesicles Of The Lesser Bush Baby (Ga/ago Senega/ensis)
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32003Prenatal Ovarian Follicular Development In The Zebu (Bos Indicus).
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42002Obligatory Urea Production And The Cost Of Living In The Magadi Tilapia Revealed By Acclimation To Reduced Salinity And Alkalinity
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51998Characterisation Of Retroviral-related Antigens Expressed In Normal Baboon Placental Tissues
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61998Characterization Of Antigens Expressed In Normal Baboon Trophoblast And Cross-reactive With HIV/SIV Antibodies
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71994An Ultrastructural And Morphometric Study Of The Late-term Placenta Of The Root Rats(Tachyoryctes Splendors). In Advanced In Reproductive Research In Man And Animals
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81990The Relationship Of Serum Estradiol And Progesterone Concentrations To The Enzyme Immunoassay Measurements Of Urinary Estrone Conjugates And Immunoreactive Pregnanediol-3-glucuronide In Macaca Mulatta
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91985Ultrastructure Of The Chorioallantoic Placenta Of The Springhare (Pedetes Capensis Larvalis Hollister)
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