Prof. Andrew Benjamin Cohen Ocholla-ayayo (deceased) Publications
12000Maternal Mortality Situation In Kenya, Population, Health And Development
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22000Population And Development In Kenya.
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32000The African Family In Development Crisis In The Second Millennium
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42000Regional Variation In Infant Mortality In Kenya: A Search For Explanations
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51997HIV/AIDS Risk Factors And Changing Sexual Practices In Kenya
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61991The Spirit Of A Nation: An Analysis Of Policy, Ethics, And Customary Rules Of Conduct For Regulating Fertility Levels In Kenya
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71985Consanguinal And Affinal Relationships And The National Social Security
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81985Female Migration And Wealth Dissipation Among The Patrilineal Exogamous Communities In Kenya, With Special Reference To The Luo Of Nyanza Province
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91985Socio-cultural Dynamics: A Stimulant Or A Constraint To Rural Development
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101980The Luo Culture. A Reconstruction Of The Material Culture Patterns Of A Traditional African Society
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111979Marriage And Cattle Exchange Among The Nilotic Luo
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121976Traditional Ideology And Ethics Among The Southern Luo
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