Dr. Dr. Patrick M. Kamau Njage Publications
12013Biodiversity And Enterotoxigenic Potential Of Staphylococci Isolated From Raw And Spontaneously Fermented Camel Milk
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22013Phenotypic And Genotypic Antibiotic Resistance Patterns Of Staphylococcus Aureus From Raw And Spontaneously Fermented Camel Milk.
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32012Ampicillin Resistance And Extended Spectrum Β-lactamases In Enterobacteriaceae Isolated From Raw And Spontaneously Fermented Camel Milk
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42012Novel Streptococcus Infantarius Subsp. Infantarius Variants Harboring Lactose Metabolism Genes Homologous To Streptococcus Thermophilus
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52012Microbial Safety Of Street Food In Industrial Area, Nairobi
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62011Characterization Of Yeast Associated With Camel Milk Using Phenotypic And Molecular Identification Techniques
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72010Use Of The Lactoperoxidase System To Enhance Keeping Quality Of Pasteurised Camel Milk John Wangoh
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82010Iodiversity And Genotyping Of Staphylococci Isolated In Raw And Fermented Camel Milk In East Africa.
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92010Microbial Biodiversity Of Camel Milk And Fermented Camel Milk Products: Technology, Hygiene And Safet
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102010Microbial Diversity, Safety And Role Of Predominant Lactic Acid Bacteria In Raw And Spontaneously Fermented Camel Milk In Kenya And Somalia
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112009Camel Milk Products In Kenya And Somalia: Potential Solutions To Improve Quality And Safety.
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122008Identification And Diversity Of Lactic Acid Bacteria Responsible For Spontaneous Acidification Of Camel Milk For The Purpose Of Developing A Defined Suusac Starter Culture
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