Dr. Dr.wambua Peter P.m. Publications
12007Abdi,A.I., Wambua P.P., Githui,E.K. And Bulimo, W.D. Nucleotide Polymorphism In Reqion I Of The P.falciparum Ebl-1 Gene In Field Isolated Obtained Form Various Regions Of Kenya (2007) In Press
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22007Abdi,A.I., Wambua P.P., Githui,E.K. And Bulimo, (2007). Deposited 35 P.falciparum Ebl-1 Gene Variants At Gene Bank. Received Provisional Accession Numbers For Each Gene: EF205091-EF205127.
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32006Aluvaala, E.K, Tsuma, L.M Wambua.P.P, Bulimo.W.D, And Mulaa F.J. Identification Of Glycosyl Hydrolase Producing Extremophilic Bacterium Using Ribosomal DNA Sequence. Sequence Deposited At Gene Bank Under Accession Number DQ 341411. (2006).
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41994P. P. Wambua, K. Iwabuchi, K. Ogasawara, Y. Itoh, H. Arase, M. Kajiwara, T. Gotohda, R. A.Good And K. Onoe. Comparative Analysis Of Thymnocyte And Low Density Adherent Cell Functions. Microbiology And Immunology Vol. 38 ND 11 Page 879 - 890, 1994.
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51992P.P Wambua. Functional And Phenotypic Analysis Of Thymic Low Density Adherent Cells From Murine Bone Marrow Chimeras - Influence On Thymocyte Differentiation. The Hokkaido Journal Of Medical Sciences, Vol. 67, No. 3 1992.
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61991C. Iwabuchi, K. Iwabuchi, S. Kobayashi, K. Ogasawara, I. Negishi, B. Wang, P.P. Wambua, H.Arase, N. Fukushi, Y. Itoh, T. Gotohda, R. A. Good And K. Onoe. Deficiency In Early Development Of The Thymus-Depended Cells In Irradiation Chimeras Attributable To
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71991T. Gotohda, K. Ogasawara, P. P. Wambua And K. Onoe. Analysis Of Functional Sites On A Peptide Antigen, In I.A. Or I.E. - Restricted T Cell Responses. International Immunology Vol. 3, No.6, 503, 1991.
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81990K. Ogasawara, P.P. Wambua, T. Gotohda And K. Onoe. Modification Of The T Cell Responsiveness To Synthetic Peptides By Substituting Amino Acids On Agretopes. International Immunology. Vol. 2, No.3, 219, 1990.
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91989K. Onoe, K. Iwabuchi, C. Iwabuchi, H. Arase, S. Hatakeyama, P. P. Wambua, N. Fukushi, I.Negishi, R. A. Good And K. Ogasawara. Donor And Recipient Specific Tolerance In Cells From Semi-Allogeneic, H-2 Subregion Compatible Or Full Allogenic Bone Marrow Chim
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101988P. P. Wambua, F. D. Juma And W. Gitau. Sorbitol Levels In Normal Africans And In Insulin Depended Diabetics. East Africa Med. J. Vol. No. 2, 99, 1988.
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111981P.H. Rees, P.A. Kager, M.R. Murithi, P.P. Wambua, S.D. Shah And A.E. Butterworth. Tuberculin Sensitivity In Kala-azar. Transaction Of The Royal Society Of Tropical Medical And Hygiene: Vol. 75 No. 5,630, 1981.
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