Mr. Olwal Thomas Otieno Publications
12006Olwal Et Al. (2006c) Proposes Log-MAP And SOVA Based Timing Recovery Methods In Wireless Channels. The Proposed Algorithms Exploit The Turbo Receiver Soft Outputs To Compute The Posterior Means, Which Are More Reliable And Accurate In Generating Stable, B
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22006- Olwa Et Al (2006a) Considers A Multidimensional Timing Phase Shift As A Vector Within A Transmitted Time Frame. The Timing Shift Vector Is Modelled As A Random Walk. A Combined Discrete Polyphase Matched Filter And Iterative Turbo Receiver Outputs Are U
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32006- Olwal Et Al. (2006b) Investigates A Cramer-Rao Bound On The Unbiased Timing Phase Estimation Proposed In Olwal Et Al. (2006a). The Cramer-Rao Bound On Variance Performance Yields Improved Bit Error Rate Performance In GSM Receivers. The Non Data Aided A
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42006Improved Timing Recovery In Wireless Mobile Receivers
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52006Low Variance Timing Recovery In Turbo Receivers
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62006Soft Timing Phase Estimation For Wireless Mobile Systems
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72006Soft Timing Recovery Framework For Cellular Receivers
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82005- Olwal Et Al, (2005) Proposes A Synchronous Digital Receiver That Implements A Timing Phase Shift Estimator Incorporated After A Free Running Sampling Circuit. The Timing Phase Shift Estimator Is Designed By Combining A Discrete Root Raised Cosine Matche
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92005Soft Information-based Timing Phase Recognition In Asynchronous Digital Receivers
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