Dr. Beatrice Anyango Publications
19999Enviromental Risk Assesment Of Genetically Modified Organisms.Vol. 2. Methodologies For Assesing Bt.Cotton In Brazil .. CAB International, Wallingford , UK .
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22006L.C.Me.ndoca Haggler, I.S. De Melo, M.C.Valadares-Inglis,B..Anyango,J.O.Sequeira,Pham Van Toan And R.E.Wheatly.( 2006) Non Target And Biodiversity Impacts In Soil. In. .A.Hilbeck , D.A. Andow. And E.M.G.Fontes.(eds.
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32005Anyango B., Keya,S.O And Owino F .(2005) Occurrence Of Nodulation In Leguminous Trees In Kenya .
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42004Birch A.N.E., Wheatley R.., Anyango B., Arpaia S., Capalbo D., Getu E. Degaga, Fontes E., Kalama P., Lelmen E., Lovei G., Melo I. S., Munyekho F., Ngi-Song A., Ochieno D., Ogwang J., Pitelli R.., Shuler T., Setamou M., Sithanantham S., Smith J., Van Son N
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51998Anyango B., Wilson K. J. And Giller K. (1998). Competition In Kenyan Soils Between Rhizobium Leguminosarum Biovar Phaseoli Strain Kim5 And R. Tropici Strain CIAT 899 Using Gus Marker Gene. Plant And Soil 204: 69-78.
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61995Anyango B., Giller K., Wilson K.J. And Beynon J.L. (1995). The Genetic Diversity Of Rhizobia Nodulating Phaseolus Vulgaris In Two Kenya Soil Types. Applied And Env. Microb. 61 : 4016-4021.
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71994Giller, K.E.,B.Anyango, J.L. Beynon And K.J.Wilson (1994). The Origin And Diversity Of Rhizobia Nodulating Phaseolus Vulgaris L . In African Soils P.57-62. In J.I. Sprent And D. Mckey (ed), Advances In Legume Systematics 5: The Nitrogen Factor. Royal Bota
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81992Giller, K.E., Anyango, B., Beynon J. And Wilson K.J. (1992). Using Molecular Tools To Study The Ecology Of Tropical Rhizobia. J. Sci. Food Agri . 60: 394.
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