Dr. Muchiri Gichuki Publications
12004Gichuki Muchiri. 2004Conservation Tillage And Food Production In Semiarid Tropics Of Africa: Kenyan Case Study. Paper Presetted In The Annual Meeting, Of American Society Of Agronomy, SEATTLE U.S.A.
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22004Gichuki Muchiri. 2004. Conservation Tillage Equipment Productivity Quantified. A Case Study In Semiarid Smallholder Agriculture In Eastern Kenya. Unpublished PhD Thesis Submitted For Examination. University Of Nairobi.
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31994Ministry Of Agriculture. 1994. National Agricultural Mechanisation Strategy Formulation For Kenya. Project Coordinator And Author Of The Summary Document.
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41994Gichuki Muchiri Et Al. 1994. Methodological Guidelines For Agricultural Mechanisation Strategy Formulation , AGROTEC And FAO.
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51985Gichuki Muchiri Et Al. 1985. Animal Drawn Equipment Development In Kenya. In Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Lixcess Capacity In Kenya By IFTIK-HAR AHMED And Bill Kinsey, International Labour Office, Geneve.
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61985Gichuki Muchiri. 1985. Chapter Three Of The Book: Farm Equipment Deveiopment For Small Holders In Semiarid Areas Of Southeastern And Central Africa. Edited By Iftikhar Ahmed And Bill Kinsey. Gower Publishers.
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71981Gichuki Muchiri. 1981 . Farm Machinery Manufacture And Use In Kenya. United Nations Industrial Development Organization , Kenya Position Paper.
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81969Gichuki Muchiri. 1969. Resistance To Airflow Through Shelled Corn. Unpublished MSc Theses. Iowa State University.
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