Dr. Kanya James Ireri Publications
12014Segregation Distortion Of Anthocyanin Morphological Marker In F2 Population Of Cross Between Basmati And Environment Genic Male Sterile Rice Line
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22013Evaluation Of Photoperiod And Thermosensitive Genic Male Sterile Lines For Hybrid Rice Seeds Production In Kenya
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32013Progress And Challenges Of Producing Super Yielding Hybrid Basmati Rice In Kenya. Science, Technology And Innovation For The Realization Of Kenya Vision 2030 And Beyond, 2nd National Science, Technology And Innovation
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42013Production Of Hybrid Basmati Rice In Kenya: Progress And Challenges
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52012Establishing A “Microbial-Plant” As Means To Control Rice Blast Disease
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62012Use Of Anthocyanin Morphological Markers To Select Hybrids From Non-hybrids Basmati Lines
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72012High Temperature Compensation To Make Pgms Completely Sterile Under Short Day Length Growth Conditions.
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82012Adaptability Of PGMS And TGMS Rice Lines For Hybrid Rice Seed Production In Kenya.
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92012Hybridization Potential Between Cultivated Rice Oryza Sativa And African Wild Rice Oryza Longistaminata
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102009Dispersal Distance Of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Pollen At The Tana River Delta In The Coast Province, Kenya
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112004Kanya J.I., Adele J.N., Mamoundou F., Overholt W.A., Ochora J., Osir E.O. (2004) Diversity Of Alternative Hosts Of Maize Stemborers I Trans-Nzoia District Of Kenya. Environmental Biosafety Research. 3: 159-168
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122004Fitt G.P., Andow D.A., Carriere Y., Moar W.J., Schuler T.H., Omoto C., KanResistance Risks And Management Associated With Bt Maize In Kenya; In: Hilbeck A., Andow D.A. Eds. Environmental Risk Assessment O
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