Dr. Ogoyi Dorington Okeyo Publications
12006Ochieng, W., Mulaa F. J., Francis, Ogoyi, D.O., Ogola, S., Musoke, R. And Otsyula, M.(2006) Viral Load, CD4+ T-lymphocyte Counts And Antibody Titres In HIV-1 Infected Untreated Children In Kenya; Implication For Immunodeficiency And Aids Progression. Afri
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22005Isaac, OA., Ogoyi, DO And Limo, M. (2005). Biochemical Characterization Of Transferrin From The Tsetse Fly, Glossina Morsitan Centralis. In Press: Egyptian Journal Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology. 23(2): 1687 - 1502
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32003Ogoyi, DO.,Kadono-Okuda, K, Eguchi, R., Furuta, Y, Nagasu, K. And Hara, W. (2003). Linkage And Mapping Analysis Of Nonsusceptibility Gene To Densonucleosis Virus (nsd-2) In The Silkworm, Bombyx Mori. Insect Molec Biol. 12; 117-124
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42003Ogoyi, DO., Achieng, D., Nguu, EK. And Ochanda, JO. (2003) Partial Characterization Of Trypanolysisn From The Midgut Of The Desert Locust, Schistocerca Gregaria. East African Med. Journal 80: 43-47.
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52002Kinyua JK, Osir EO, Ogoyi DO, Nguu EK.Characterization Of Protective Antigens From The Midgut Of Amblyomma Variegatum Ticks.Exp Appl Acarol. 2002;26(1-2):101-13.
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62001Ogoyi, DO, And Osir, EO (2001). Variation In Lipophorin Titres During Development In Solitarious And Gregarious Schistocerca Gregaria Forskal (Orthoptera:acrididae). Insect Sci. Applic. 21, 73-79.
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71998Ogoyi, DO, Osir, EO And Olembo, NKO (1998). Studies On The Fat Body Tryacylglycerol Lipase In Solitary And Gregarious Phase Of Schistocerca Gregaria. Comp. Biochem Physiol. 119B, 163-167.
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81996Ogoyi, DO, Osir, EO And Olembo, NKO (1996). The Effect Of Phase Staus On Responses To Adipokinetic Hormones In Schistocerca Gregaria. Arch. Insect Biochem Physiol 32, 173-185.
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91995Ogoyi, DO, Osir, EO And Olembo, NKO (1995). Lipophorin And Apolipophorin-III In Solitary And Gregarious Phases Of Schistocerca Gregaria. Comp. Biochem Physiol. 112B, 441-449.
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101993Ogoyi, DO., Osir, EO. And Ochanda, JO. (1993). Isolation And Characterization Of Lipophorin From The Larval Stalk Borer, Busseola Fusca. Purification And Properties. Insect Sci. Applic. 14(2), 167-172.
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