Dr. Agnes Wangui Muthumbi Publications
12018Sediment Macro- And Meiobenthic Fauna Distribution Along The Kenyan Continental Shelf
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22014Order Enoplida
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32006Muthumbi Agnes And Ann Vanreusel (Order: Araeolaimida In Fresh Water Nematodes: Ecology And Taxonomy (eds). Abebe Et Al. Eds (CAB).
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42004Agnes W. Muthumbi, Ann Vanreusel, Gerard Duineveld, Karline Soetaert And Magda Vincx. Nematode Community Structure Along The Continental Slope Off The Kenyan Coast, Western Indian Ocean.
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52002Size And Shape Of Ocean Margin Nematodes: Morphological Diversity And Depth-related Patterns.
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61999Microlaimidae (Microlaimoidea: Nematoda) From The Indian Ocean: Description Of Nine New And Known Species.
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71998Chromadoridae (Chromadorida: Nematoda) From The Indian Ocean:
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81997Deep-sea Nematodes From The Indian Ocean:
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91997Acantholaimus (Chromadoridae: Nematoda) From The Indian Ocean:
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101995New Desmodoridae (Nematoda: Desmodoroidea): Three New Species From The Ceriops Mangrove Sediments (Kenya) And One Related Species From The North Sea.
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111995Papillonema Danieli Gen. Et Sp. N. And Papillonema Clavatum (Gerlach, 1957) Comb. N. (Nematoda, Desmodoroidea) From The Ceriops Mangrove Sediments Of Gazi Bay, Kenya. Hydrobiologia 316: 225-237.
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