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Utilization Of The Nursing Process Among Nurses Working In The Newborn Unit At Kenyatta National Hospital

Introduction: Nursing care is often cited as the most common human factor to affect patient outcomes. The nursing process (NP) is a systematic approach designed to be used by nurses to ensure evidence based nursing practice. Objectives: The purpose of this study is to determine the utilization of the NP among nurses during care delivery in the newborn unit (NBU) at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). The study aims to describe the knowledge, determine the use, assess the attitudes and identify challenges faced by nurses as they utilize the NP. Materials and Methods: A descriptive cross sectional study design will be used. Simple random sampling will be used to select participants who will be recruited and informed consent obtained. Data will be collected using a pretested self administered questionnaire which will be coded for. anonymity. Data collected will be cleaned, coded and entered into the Microsoft excel computer package for analysis. Quantitative data e.g. age of the nurses will be analyzed using measures of central tendency like mean, mode and median; measures of variability like range and standard deviation will also be calculated. A likert scale which will be used to measure attitudes. Results will be presented using percentages, frequency tables, pie charts and bar graphs. Qualitative data e.g. challenges faced while utilizing the NP will be described in themes and narratives. The study findings will be disseminated to the nurses, NBU and KNH management for adaption and corrective action. Significance of the Study: When properly implemented, the NP portrays the nurse as a knowledgeable and experienced professional, commanding respect from the patient and other medical team members. The study will reveal the gaps that exist in nursing care delivery and results of the study will go a long way in improving patient care and overall well being

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