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Assessment of Correlates of Stigima Towards Mental Health Nursing Practice Among Nursing Students in Two Universities in Nairobi Kenya

Mental health and psychiatric nurses are considered important and integral members of the multidisciplinary mental health care team offering 90% of mental health services in Kenya. Stigma towards mental health nursing practice has led to acute shortage in mental health nursing workforce and consequently poor quality of mental health care. Aim: to assess the correlates of stigma towards mental health nursing practice among Bachelor of Science Nursing students. Research Method: A crosssectional study will be conducted among 90 Bachelor of Science in nursing students at the Universities of Nairobi and Eastern Africa-Baraton. Only students who have completed theory and clinical experience in mental health nursing course as stipulated by their respective universities will be eligible for study. A structured questionnaire and focused group discussion be will used. Ethical approval will be sought form the UON/KNH ERe. The data will be collected within a period of 2 weeks. Data analysis: The SPSS version 22 will be used to analyze the data. The significant finding (correlates) will be tested using t-test and Pearson's correlation. The association between variables will be determined at a P-Value 0f 0.05.  The final data will be presented using frequency distribution tables, pie charts, bar graphs. The estimated budget is Kshs. 96,686. Dissemination of findings: Results will be delivered in scientific conferences, the two schools of nursing and to policy makers in mental health care to guide policy development.

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